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Geographer and Adventure Rider

Alex on a Bike

Born in 1980 in Coimbra, Portugal, since a very young age I've grown a curiousity about the world, its communities, and multiculturalism. I've pursued this passion later on, by studying Geography, Environment and Development in college.


The youngest of three, I was born after my dad returned from Mozambique where he was moved to, for a couple of years, on police duty. I remember he had small bikes and also used to ride at work.


Curiously, I've never felt the attraction for motorcycling, until  just before he passed in 2019. I think his little adventures on two wheels, some of them with me, finally clicked and woke up this passion that I had within, without ever realising.


After living seven years in Ireland, I've moved back to Portugal just before the pandemic hit us and, before I knew it, I was unemployed and on consecutive lockdowns. Not the ideal scenario, but that gave me some time to think and focus on what I'd really like to do.


Three bikes later, @alexonabike was born :)

© Satellite images (adapted) - Anton Balazh

© Route map (adapted) - Anton Moek

© Nao Victoria - Guillermo Muñoz Vera

© All other images from - wix, unsplash and freepik

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